She has broken free of the box She was put in -- both through the Middle Passage and a society who is uncomfortable with the skin She is in.

She is adorned with the kente cloth, crown, and markings of Her Ancestors. A crown of golden ovals -- the ovum -- signifying Her rebirth, fertility, and immortality.

She sends Her Light into the Universe and the Universe returns inkind with a Light that magnifies Her heART flame. The SUNflower, bathing Her in adoration, loyalty, longevity... Nourishing and vibrant, bringing joy to each moment.

She is aligned with the eagle, spreading Her wings and taking flight.

She is The Flower Bearer: Bearing the Sweet Nectar of Her Soul.

A portion of the painting - The Flower Bearer

This is my latest Intentional Creativity painting, borne from a class I took called Vivid. It was a class on painting your Legend, your Mystic Self... The class was 7 days, but it took me 2 months to finish the painting. A true labor of love. She is mixed media on wood panel -- acrylic paint, paperclay, and beads make up the painting. Over 250 hand shaped ovals made from paperclay create her crown, and over 50 hand shaped flowers that I have attached beads to were made from paperclay for around her neck.

The Flower Bearer took me to the depths of my soul and reconnected me with my heritage. The Ancestors spoke to me through this painting, reassuring me that who I am and the skin I am in is nothing to hide. It's the world that is uncomfortable with my black skin -- not me. This was reinforced, ingrained in my psyche, and manifested onto the canvas. Her crown signals that she is regal, royal. Her flowers signify the sweetness that she holds. The butterflies signify her transformation from the hidden self to living authentically on the outside. Her tribal markings connect her to her Afrikan heritage. Sacred geometry and layers of codes encoded into the background keep her in the mystery. The ankh and Eye of Ra show her power -- a life force to be reckoned with...

There is so much imagery and meaning in this painting!

The Flower Bearer, by Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates

As I said, this was a true labor of love. I have never tended to any painting as much as I tended to this one. In the last 2 weeks, I spent literal hours daily manifesting onto the canvas what she was asking me to bring forward. To bring into consciousness. It wasn't until late last night, after adding the white dots, flowers, and highlights that she let me know that she was finished. It is important to listen to the painting as you paint. It helps to know when it is done.

As I painted, I was presented with many inquiries (from the class) throughout the journey. Inquiries that I pondered in my journal and at the easel. Inquiries whose answers lie in the final painting. Even when those answers show up in codes that no one else knows what they are, I know what they are and they are important to me. They are there also to encourage the person viewing the painting to go into their own self-inquiry. There is so much love infused in this painting and the energy is palpable.

I am honored that she chose to show up on my canvas. Honored to have been edified by her codes, messages, and meanings. I love the journey that was the class called Vivid. It brought me into a deeper understanding of Self and showed me to be proud and bold about who I really am. Authentically...

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