The Divine Inspiration and Vision of our Ancestors empowers us to be the Tech DIVA's of our own business...


  • your tech skills are not so savvy, but you need to up your online game,
  • or you are a creative (or other non-tech savvy individual) and you need to bring your creative offerings fully online in a manner which saves you time and streamlines your business,

Then -- this course is for YOU!

This course is designed to walk you through the technology needed to launch your creative offerings. You will learn:

  • E-mail setup: lists, tags, segmentation
  • Online classroom setup: classroom sales page, tags, actions
  • Sales page: Buttons and/or links
  • Automations: sending scheduled e-mails to your targeted list
  • Tips for classroom content creation

Class opens May 1, 2021!

The class will present the technology service providers that I use in my business, e.g., ActiveCampaign. However, what you learn here can be applied to similar service providers (e.g., Constant Contact or Mailchimp). Other service providers offer list segmentation and automations, or classroom setup with sales pages too -- the difference being the steps you use to setup, let's say an automation in Constant Contact vs ActiveCampaign.

In addition to the tech setup guidance offered to you in this course, you will also receive a 1-hour one-on-one video consultation with me. During this consultation, you will be able to have any questions you may have about the course materials explained to you. I will also be able to answer your technology questions specific to your business as they relate to the course material. The utilization of screen sharing will also be employed where necessary to assist in your procuring a successful consultation session resulting in a clear understanding of the technology you need and how to use it.

As a creative, I understand that all you really want to do is focus on the creative side of business. But we also know that technology -- especially during this pandemic -- is a key aspect in creating a successful and sustainable business. It's safe to say that for many creatives, technology is not their strong suit. Not having adequate and/or appropriate technology in place can hinder your business. Errors in implementation of technology can also cause hiccups for your business.

Choosing the right technology and proper implementation can have the tech end of your business running smoothly AND leaving you free (through automations) to focus on what you are called to share: creativity...

What you get:
  • A detailed overview of the technology used to automate the registration and e-mail process for your offerings -- a $250 value.
  • Detailed videos showing you step-by-step how to setup and implement these technologies (3 technologies, 3 videos) -- a $1,500 value.
  • A one-on-one, 1-hour private consultation with me -- a $250 value.
  • A live 90-minute, group Q&A session -- a $500 value.
  • A private, not on Facebook, community for us to share, ask questions (and have them answered), and witness each other.
  • Lifetime access to the course.

You get $2,500 worth of content for the amazingly low price of just $547!

Payment plans available.

There is no putting a price tag on the private community or lifetime course access. For just a fraction of the cost, you get both, plus all of the content and instruction. I will be in the private community group several times a week (and sometimes daily). I am present -- in realtime -- to support and witness you, as I am sure that I will be supported and witnessed.

Class opens May 1, 2021!

Early Bird Discount!

Sign up by April 18th and receive:

  • $100 OFF your one-time payment! Use coupon code: earlybirdDIVA.
  • $50 OFF the two payment plan! Use coupon code: earlybirdDIVA2. (You will get $25 off each payment.)
  • $24 OFF the three payment plan! Use coupon code: earlybirdDIVA3. (You will get $8 off each payment.)

Your Guide

With over 30 years of experience in the information technology field, Wysdom (Sumaiyah Yates) not only has many years of experience using technology in business, but she has extensive knowledge of I.T. She has done everything from end-user support to managing over 30 high tech video conference rooms, their systems, and the technologies to keep them running smoothly. Wysdom's years supporting end-users gives her the know-how to teach technology in a manner that even the most tech-challenged individual can comprehend.

This course is what you need to understand the connection between your website, e-mail list service, and classroom. It will take the pieces of the puzzle and put them together for you, revealing a simple 6-step roadmap to successfully implementing your technology to work for you, automatically and flawlessly...

Ease into the technology learning curve. Sign up today and follow the easy Tech DIVA Roadmap to technology success. With lifetime access to the classroom, you can go at your own pace. Your 1-hour one-on-one session will not be scheduled before you complete the detailed overview. You will be reminded to schedule your session once the overview is complete, as well as at various points along the rest of the course. (My advice? Schedule your session after you have completed all of the modules and lessons in the course, giving yourself the ability to ask questions about any and all of the course material.)

I invite you to allow me to guide you smoothly through the "wires" of technology implementation. Detailed guidance. Simple execution. And abundant access to me during the course and after (in the private community). Don't hesitate! Register today!

Options for those who want a deeper dive:

Women love choices...

I have choices for you that will increase your tech knowledge and skill:

  • The Tech DIVA Intensive tract gives you more face-to-face time with me. Get all of your questions answered, by me, in real-time!
  • The Tech DIVA Masters tract gives you an opportunity to discuss your specific technology needs and challenges with me one-on-one in addition to giving your more overall time with me to get your questions answered.
  • The Tech DIVA Goddess tract gets your website built for you, including the technology services discussed in the course! Then -- you have a full year with me (one-on-one) while I train you how to maintain (for yourself) the technologies that have been put into place for your business.

The Tech DIVA Intensive is for those who want more in-person time working with me directly. When you join the Tech DIVA Intensive, in addition to everything in the Tech DIVA Roadmap, you also receive:

  • 6 weeks of focused instruction.
  • One 60-minute Q&A Group Session each week.
  • Two private 30-minute Check-Up Sessions.
  • BONUS: How to host live online conference calls for free.
  • Limited class size!

A value of over $4,000 -- all for the low price of $1,297.

Payment plans available.

A one-hour tech consultation is billed at $250. Students in the Tech DIVA Intensive receive SEVEN HOURS of face time with me over the course of the class! This doesn't include the 2.5 hours of live class time that comes with the Tech DIVA Roadmap. Those 9.5 hours of real-time access to me alone is worth $2,375. Couple that with everything else you receive in this course and you save over $2,000!!

Due to the intensive nature of this course, class size is limited. This is to ensure that you are given my undivided attention. Don't delay! Register today!! Once the class limit has been reached, registration will be closed until the later this year.

The Tech DIVA Masters Class includes everything from the Tech DIVA Roadmap. In addition, you will receive:

  • 6 months of focused instruction pertinent specifically to your business.
  • One 60-minute live Q&A Session per month.
  • Preliminary one-on-one 90-minute Get to Know You and Your Business Session.
  • Three private 45-minute Check-Up Sessions.
  • BONUS: How to host live online conference calls for free.
  • Limited class size!

If purchased as one-on-one coaching, you would pay over $5,000. Purchase now for only $2,297!
Save over 50%!!

Payment plans available.

Due to the intensive nature of this course, class size is limited. This is to ensure that you are given my undivided attention. Don't delay! Register today!! Once the class limit has been reached, registration will be closed until the later this year.

Become a Tech DIVA Goddess! This is a 12-month course which includes everything in the Tech DIVA Roadmap as well as:

  • A custom built (WordPress) website (or reconfigure your existing website) done for you.
  • In-depth training on building and maintaining your website, e-mail service, and online classroom.
  • 12-months of personal tech support (up to 2 hours per month) while you are learning how to maintain your own website and services.
  • BONUS: How to host live online conference calls for free.
  • Limited class size!

Purchased alone, expect to spend upwards of $10,000.
Purchase now for the low, low price of $4,997!
A savings of more than $5,000!!

On average, there needs to be a minimum of 5 hours of technology maintenance per month. This includes updating plugins and other "moving parts" on your website, keeping your e-mail lists healthy, creating automations for your offerings/products/services, creating images to use on your sales pages, and other techie touches. My charge for tech maintenance is $100 an hour -- that would be a minimum of $500 in tech support expenses alone each month. Multiply that by 12-months a year, that's $6,000 each year in tech support alone. This doesn't include the yearly fees for the services you need (e-mail service, web hosting, graphics creation, payment processing, etc.)

This monthly maintenance is included in the Tech DIVA Goddess course!

Of course, you can go out and pay for someone to design your website for you. I have seen prices as low as $500 for a complete website build from scratch. But remember -- once it's built it has to be maintained! Often, these low price website creation offers do not include maintenance after the website is built. You are left to flail and stumble on your own once the website has been built and launched. You get what you pay for...

My charge for building a custom website starts at $1,500 and includes 3 months of maintenance and support. The Tech DIVA Goddess course includes having a custom designed website built for you on the WordPress platform! And not only do I build it, I maintain it for you while showing you how to maintain it yourself over the course of 12-months!! I won't leave you to figure it out on your own!!

This includes:

  • E-commerce web design so you can sell your products and services from your own platform.
  • Connecting all necessary services to run your business smoothly -- e-mail service, classroom, and more.
  • Automation setup for each of your offerings during the 12-month cycle.
  • E-mail list maintenance (segmentation, removal of "dead" e-mail addresses, etc.).
  • Custom designed e-mail campaigns.
  • So much more...

This is a steal-of-a-deal for a 12-month program!

A full year of having a personal tech guru to build your website and then teach you everything you need to know to maintain it. This instruction includes learning how to change your website up as desired, when desired by you. And in the end, you will know the ropes for yourself and will be able to run the technology in your business on your own. Never pay for web design or maintenance or technology support again!!

Due to the intensive nature and the length of this course, class size is extremely limited. This is to ensure that you are given my undivided attention. Don't delay! Register today!! Once the class limit has been reached, registration will be closed for 12-15 months.