Someone please come and take my wallet! LOL

I've been on a (slight) binge buying new art products to play with in my heARTbook. It started with Arteza EverBlend Art Markers when the instructor of a class I'm in pulled out her alcohol markers. I pulled out my Copics, but they were 10 years old and a bit dry. So when I went to order re-inkers for the 60+ Copics I have, the cost was well over $300! Ummmm... No.

That caused me to research some cheaper alcohol markers and Arteza happened to be having a great sale on their 60 count set. Well under $100 for 60 and they came with a great carrying case. So I bought those. Then I realized I needed skin tone colors, so I bought the 36 count skin tone color set. Then I stumbled across a mixed media artist on YouTube who has this great system for making awesome mixed media pages. There were a few tools she used that I didn't have, so...I bought those.

Then, while cruising YouTube for some mixed media inspiration, I ran across this product called Brusho. I watched video after video of people using Brusho in different ways and the things that it would do when dropped in water and/or spritzed with water. Of course, I just HAD to have them! So...I bought those too. And some Liquitex Muted Acrylic Inks and some more Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens (the Big Brush Markers). Please! I'm begging someone to come and take my wallet from me!! LOL

Amazing watercolor crystals!

Today, I got to play with my Brushos. Boy-oh-boy am I glad I purchased them!!! I got the 12 count set which comes with some gorgeous colors. The background I made just playing with them to see what I could create is BEYOND beautiful (the header image for this post)!! It's so pretty that I don't want to put anything else on the page spread. But I think I'll add a bit of this or that and I'm sure an inspirational quote will pop up on there too.

During my YouTube rabbit hole spiral, I learned that Brusho came out at least 5 years ago. That's why this article's title is "Tardy to the Party." I might be tardy, but I'm glad I arrived! If you have an opportunity, pick up some Brusho, pull out your art journal, and just play. You will be amazed at how versatile this product is and how easy it is to create some amazing backgrounds for your journal.

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