Our relationship with our Ancestors is fragmented...

Fragmented because of the Middle Passage and being ripped from our native lands, stripped of our culture and traditions, forbidden to continue our cultural forms of worship. Fragmented because we have been told lies -- lies that honoring our Ancestors is demonic. Devil worship. Fragmented because we live in a world where the past bears no relevance; where it has been altered to suit the purposes of those who desire power over us.

Are you ready to remove the fragmentation from your BE-ing?

One of the ways in which we can re-member ourselves is through "gathering the bones:" Reaching out to our Ancestors, seeking their wisdom and guidance. Taking this wisdom and piecing the puzzle of who we are back together. But first we must re-member our Ancestors and our heritage...

What parts of you have become fragmented and are now ready to be re-membered?

When we delve into this inquiry, we are sometimes astonished by the amount of fragments that we have allowed to be part of ourselves. But this fragmentation doesn't have to continue. Through Ancestral Archetype Activation, we gather the bones that have been fragmented from ourselves and re-member them on our canvas:

  • We vision the primary parts of ourselves that are wanting to be called back -- the breadcrumbs left for us by our Ancestors.
  • We cause and create a portal in the shadow space that allows us to gather the bones, the fragments.
  • We encode each piece, one by one, through image and symbol onto our canvas.
  • We give Light to what was laid in the darkness, beginning the process of re-membering our fragmented ancestry.
  • We allow the Light to in-form us of the image of our Ancestral Archetype.
  • We re/connect with our Ancestors through the image we encounter.
  • We awaken ourselves through the information we receive during this encounter.
  • We honor our Ancestors by illuminating the in-form-ation we receive from painting our Ancestral Archetype.

What Students Are Saying


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Sumaiyah Yates
Certified Intentional Creativity(R) Teacher and Coach
is our Guide for this workshop.

Sumaiyah, aka Wysdom, has spent nearly 10 years of her life using Intentional Creativity(R) as a tool for her own healing. In 2013, she became an Intentional Creativity(R) Teacher and Coach, beginning her journey of offering this tool to others for their medicine basket. Wysdom knew that, at that point, she was healed enough to carry this medicine to those who were seeking the same. At her Studio in Baltimore, Wysdom holds many different classes -- medicine painting, mask making, and other hands on creative activities -- that bring the methodology of Intentional Creativity(R) to light.

Nana Buluku is a West African deity. She is known as the Creator of the Universe. It is said that She created the Universe and then gave birth to twins: Mawu, Her daughter the Moon, and Lisa, Her son the Sun. After doing so, She rested leaving the world in the hands of Her twin children.

But Her memory is fragmented. Fragmented by the Middle Passage. The men and women who were stolen from their homeland and enslaved brought the memory and traditions of Nana Buluku with them, leaving Her imprint in all countries who received shipments of Africans who were enslaved.

(Photo credit: Earth Warriors Oracle card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryna “Mariposa Galactica”)

For some of us, Nana Buluku is part of our Ancestral lineage. Her memory was kept alive during the Middle Passage, although spread far and wide. A lot of times She was hidden, or merged into religious traditions allowed by the perpetrators of the horrible events known as the African Slave Trade. Her traditions were fragmented.

Ancestral Archetype Activation is a medicine painting workshop dedicated to using the methodology of Intentional Creativity(R) to re-member one's True Self through ancestral connection.

This workshop is designed with the goal of gathering the bones -- the fragments -- and re-form-ing them on our canvas in a manner which in-forms us of our Ancestral Archetype. This Archetype brings us connection to our ancestral lineage, and thereby a re/connection to our Ancestors.

Will you join me at the canvas on the March New Moon (March 13, 2021) to meet your Ancestral Archetype and form a strong(er) bond to your Ancestors?

Ancestral Archetype Activation is for everyone -- no experience necessary. Whether you have been painting all of your life or never picked up a paintbrush before, this workshop is for you. Intentional Creativity(R) focuses on the process, not the product. It is the process of creating that is the medicine. The product is an artifact that reminds us of the healing journey we embarked on. It is a beacon of light for our soul so that we remember the journey we took to achieve healing. Following the process almost ensures that the product will be glorious.

This is a live virtual workshop and is scheduled for 4 hours (with breaks and journal writing sections). However, you are highly encouraged to block off 6 hours for this course. When the Muse is afoot, one never knows what might happen! The workshop will be recorded for those who aren't able to attend in person and so that those who are present can review the material if they need to continue their painting after the workshop has ended.

The context for our workshop is gathering the bones and fragments of our ancestral lineage -- of ourselves -- in order to meet and manifest our Ancestral Archetype. It is this gathering that in-forms our painting.

Archetype means "a very typical example of a certain person or thing." Join me as we use our magick wands (paintbrushes) to bring form to, and honor, ourselves and our Ancestors.

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Student Works In Progress