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Soul Expressions

She wanted to fling
Paint, pastes, and primers
Penning poetry, prayers, and prose
So She decided to
Calmly create community to
Manifest many moonbeams
Of Light into the heART of Her Soul…

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates
Artist: Sumaiyah Yates

Soul Expressions is a deep dive into self-inquiry and self-expression. Using the tools of Intentional Creativity (IC), we explore and excavate the hidden caverns of our soul and manifest the meanings and messages we find through word, image, and symbol. We meet our True Soul Self both on the page (in our journal) and at the easel.

This is a journey into the exploration of Self. At the end of the journey, you will have a guidebook — your Soul Expressions Journal — and a body of work which depicts the different parts that make up the whole You. You will have a minimum of 12 journal page spreads and 12 paintings if you only focus on the main coursework. If you choose to engage with the rest of the material in the class, you will have an additional 80+ journal spreads alone! And that doesn’t count the bonuses that get thrown in along the way…

At the end of our year together, you will have over 100 new pieces of artwork — all done by your hands!

We start on July 1st with an easy BONUS lesson. You get a bonus right off the break! This bonus lesson is designed to get you comfortable flinging paint in your new journal. It “breaks” the journal and gives you permission to get down and get messy in the pages that follow. It is also a way to dedicate your Soul Expressions journal to the work that you will do in it this year.

Photo by Sumaiyah Yates

On July 5th, we have our first Full Moon journaling session. This will be our first deep dive exploration into parts of our Self. This is a recorded session and the recording is offered in real-time so that you can see everything I do easily. The videos are made to give you inspiration on what to do in your journal. Feel free to follow along with exactly what I do until you find your own groove.

Then, on July 20th we have our first LIVE New Moon Intentional Creativity painting session. Each month, on the New Moon, we paint together at the easel live. Grab your easel, paints and brushes, and a cuppa and join me for livestream painting fun!

But that’s not all for the month…

In the meantime and in between time you will receive the Grounded in Gratiffirmations lesson and additionally the INK PAAD Inspiration lesson. Both of these lessons are quick, time-lapsed videos of me making a page in my Gratiffirmations Journal and INK PAAD. They are designed to be a creativity boost and get your creative juices flowing.

And let’s not forget about the weekly INK Spot inspirational lessons. These are “quick and dirty” artworks made on ATCs — artist trading cards which are 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size. At the end of the year, you will have a card deck of 52 ATCs filled with inquiries and the symbols and images that represent your response to those inquires. These can be used for years to come as journal prompts for future creative workings.

Once a quarter, we gather together via livestream with members from one of my other courses for an INK PAAD Inspiration session in real-time. We get to chat, giggle, and create together live! This is an informal “hangout” session, not designed as “formal instruction,” where we all do our own thing while we’re chatting. Questions are welcome! Feel free to ask questions about what I’m doing during the livestream, or ask your other mixed media, painting, and/or art journaling questions.

Creating is so much more fun when done in community! And to know that you have the support of a tribe of people while doing the deep work makes it easier to do the work. That’s why we are here in the DIVA Wisdom Circle community… So that we can have a truly private, sacred, and supportive community surrounding us as we are each on our own individual journey. A community that is removed from the distractions which social media can cause, and a sacred container where you are safe to do the self-discovery work that will lead you to your True Soul Self.

Join us!