A lot of the work we do involves Universal energies. Specifically the energy of the New Moon and the Full Moon...

The New Moon is a time to set your intentions. It is a time to call to yourself those things you desire. It is a time for new beginnings and for the creation of new opportunities in your life. The New Moon is a time to manifest.

The Full Moon is a time of release. Releasing what no longer serves you. Releasing that which has caused you pain and sorrow. It is a time to release grudges and hurt feelings and forgive yourself. It is a time to clear yourself and make room for what does serve you.

Below is a listing of all of the New Moon and Full Moon dates for 2020. Take time to mark them in your planner/calendar. Use the dates to help you plan your activities throughout the year. Try to schedule new things at the New Moon. Remember to purge things at the Full Moon. Being mindful of your actions during the changing moon phases will help you live in alignment with Universal energies.

Photo and dates courtesy of Moon Omens: