I started Monday Mixed Media Magick with four weeks of lessons on using Brusho Crystal Colour. This was because I had just discovered them and was excited to start playing with them in my art journal. So what better way for me to get to play then to dedicate our first lessons together using this medium?

This week, we move on to a new medium: Liquitex Acrylic Inks.

Acrylic inks are a fabulous medium to use in your art journal. One of the biggest draws is that they are permanent once dry. Using wet mediums on top of dry acrylic inks will not re-activate them and cause them to move. However, while wet you can squish and push them around on the page much like watercolors. They can be diluted with water, making them more transparent. They can be used to paint like you woud use watercolors -- wetting the page and applying them with a brush. They can be dripped, splattered, spritzed, and used with a dip pen to write.

These inks are extremely versatile...

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be playing with acrylic inks. I will be mostly using their Muted Ink line; but you never know when I'll reach for one of their many other available colors. And it's not only Liquitex brand that we can create with -- any brand of acrylic inks will work! So use what you have or buy what calls to you as long as it is acrylic ink!!

Get ready for a fun filled four weeks of delicious colors!

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