The New Moon in Aquarius rises on January 24th at 4:42 pm (Eastern)... Are you ready?

The New Moon is a signal to us for new beginnings. It is a time when we should be thinking about and planning what we want to manifest in the new cycle. This is the time when we plant the seeds for what is to come in our life.

At the last New Moon, I took time out to meditate, journal, and set my intentions for this cycle. Those things that I journaled about manifested at the Full Moon on January 10th. They included this blog and website, but my greatest wish was for a physical space where I could create and hold sacred space for women. A place where women could come to learn the healing power of art and feel safe and surrounded by unconditional love.

On January 10th, the day of the Full Moon, the intention to create a physical space to teach heARTbooking -- healing art journaling -- was manifested. I was offered an approximately 200 square foot space in a historic building, full of other artists and creatives. The owner wanted to find someone who would use the space for art and for good. I was offered the space with the only commitment being that the space be used for creative purposes and that the creativity that happened there would be of benefit to the local community.

Our intentions don't always manifest this quickly. Sometimes they don't manifest at all. When this happens, it simply means that it wasn't for us or wasn't for us right now. However, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't continue the ritual of putting our wishes out into the Universe. If we don't dream, if we don't set our intentions -- set our mind to what we want in this lifetime, then they will never manifest. Instead of living life, we would just be watching life as it passes by us. If farmers didn't plant seeds, we wouldn't eat. We need to plant the seeds that we want growing in our gardens with each New Moon.

This is a good article that gives you 7 ideas to try on the New Moon along with 4 things to avoid. Below is a picture of DIVA Empowerment Studio's physical space as it is being readied for occupancy. The New Moon is a week away. Make sure to plan to pause and set your intentions so that you can manifest your dreams.

DIVA Empowerment Studio inside of the James E. Hooper House, Baltimore MD

Moon Phases Photo Credit: Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash