Did you know there is a private membership area here at DIVA Empowerment Studio?

Membership offers exclusive access to content that is not available to the general public. Inspirational videos, step-by-step tutorials, discussions on Intentional Creativity and other forms of creative expressions, journal prompts, inquiries -- all this and more happens in the Members Area.

There are 3 membership tiers, each offering exploration and creative expression in a different area of art and creativity:

  • Metacognitive Moments: Self-inquiry through metacognitive drawing activities. Metacognitive means, simply put as my mentor would say, "thinking about thinking." Learn to turn inward to find your answers rather than looking for outward signs -- signs of "approval." You have permission to self-approve, the only approval needed...
  • Mandala Meditation Magick: Learn a form of active meditation to add to your self-care practice and medicine basket. Through creating dot mandala paintings, we can use the act of dotting as meditation. Add to this meditative practice the elements of Intentional Creativity(R) and you can pack a power full punch toward knowing and understanding your Self more intimately.
  • Mixed Media Mania: Take a journey deeper within as you create fun and inspirational mixed media artworks. Affirmation card decks, ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), paintings, journal pages, vision boards and more help you to "verbalize" through word + image + symbol your inner most wisdom.

As membership increases, there will be opportunities to connect with the community through virtual circles and livestreams. Included at every level will be bonuses -- who knows what will show up! Each level has been designed to pack in loads of creative fun while using the tools of Intentional Creativity(R) for self-care and self-healing. Keep your eye out for impromptu live sessions, which happen when the spirit hits me to commune with you real-time (and I always want to be in community sharing with you!).

Membership has its privileges...

And as a member, you have ungated access to me. I spend a major portion of my time tending to the membership. You have joined to learn, grow, and be inspired so I want to ensure that those things are in abundance. There are multiple ways to reach out to me and stay connected. Don't be surprised if I suggest we hop on a quick Zoom call so that I can help you through a difficulty you've run into as you are creating. Unplanned one-on-one sessions to help you out are an integral part of every level.

The membership tiers are designed to be affordable as well as give a variety of creative activities that you can get involved in. There is also a Free Membership tier that allows you to connect with me and the DIVA creative community even if your funds do not allow you to join one of the paid tiers. Your support through subscribing to a higher tier enables me continue sharing creative content to keep you inspired. Without your support, none of this would be possible. I am humbled that you have chosen to connect with me as we create magick in our lives through word + image + symbol.

But -- enough rambling! Hop on over to the Members Area and get yourself signed up!! We officially launch on July 1, 2021, but I wanted to give my loyal blog readers advance notice so that you can get yourself signed up early. Hint: There are members-only posts already there that don't appear here on the blog...