I have been involved in the world of Intentional Creativity(R) for nearly 15 years now. When I first stumbled upon the medicine of intentional creativity, I was new to painting. I mean REALLY new --

"Never painted at the easel on a canvas before" new...

My first experience painting at the easel was in a workshop I attended in California. I was surrounded by 30 women plus the instructor (who later became my mentor), all of whom were well versed in painting. The first strokes I laid on that canvas were the first strokes that drew me deeper into Intentional Creativity(R).

I followed along the instruction the best I could, peeking at the painters' canvases to my right and my left when I didn't fully understand. Maestra came up behind me to help gently guide my brush -- not by her hands, but rather by her calming voice instructing me on what I didn't know.

Bravery was necessary. Not only did I need to be brave enough to try my hand at painting, but I also had to be brave enough to do so in such a public place. I was surrounded by people who had been painting all of their lives and it showed! And the instructor is a self-made millionaire from selling her own artwork. Boy-oh-boy did I feel so very "out of my league"!

Not to mention I was the only black woman there...

But I forged forth in spite of my circumstances. I wasn't there for the painting. I didn't expect to make a masterpiece -- especially my first go at painting. What had drawn me to California, the opposite side of the map from where I live, was the medicine of Intentional Creativity(R).

I had travelled across the country, not for the painting. I travelled across the country alone for the PROCESS.

The Intentional Creativity(R) process to be exact. The medicine to be found in the Intentional Creativity(R) Methodology cannot be denied. Tens of thousands of people directly follow this methodology (and tens of thousands more follow it indirectly). And in the process, they receive the healing they are seeking.

It was my deep desire for healing that drove me across the map to paint my Legend. I didn't catch 2 flights, a puddle jumper, take a 2 hour bus ride, and then a 15 minute cab ride just to arrive at the workshop destination simply to "paint a painting." I could have stayed home and painted my own painting if that was the case!

I went over the river and through the woods for the healing -- the PROCESS.

That's where the medicine lies... In the 13-step methodology. In the visioning and journeying. In writing and claiming your intention. In allowing what is to manifest to do so intuitively... The painting is the end product. Something to remind you of that specific journey. A container to hold the medicine of healing that you just painted your way through.

Continuing to paint continues the healing process. It creates a body of work that tells your healing journey. And the paintings are often medicine for others as well. But you receive the medicine during the process...

I invite you to the Intentional Creativity(R) process. The process that will cause and create healing in your life. If you haven't already done so, be sure to sign up for my mailing list (see below) to ensure that you stay connected. I offer workshops, both free and paid, but all contain the healing methodology of Intentional Creativity(R).