She wanted to fling
Paint, pastes, and primers
Penning poetry, prayers, and prose
So She decided to
Calmly create community
And manifest many moonbeams
Of Light into the heART of Her Soul…

Envision a room full of women on a self-care quest...

Armed with pen, journal, canvas, and paintbrush they get down to the business at hand. Their facilitator for the day is gently and gracefully guiding them within.

The vibrations in the space are high. This is sacred space...

The room is visibly illuminated. A glow emanates from each woman and collectively fills the space with Light. Their eagerness to excavate the depths of their soul is palpable.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.


And in this case, light has entered and filled them to the point where Light now shines brightly on their soul, reflecting their truth outward once it has been bathed in the nectar of self-care...

What does self-care look like to you?


I spent years journaling, sketching, painting, creating daily as a form of self-care. These tools are healing to me. They bring me joy. My paintbrush is my magic wand... With it, I manifest the life of my dreams by performing deep self-care each day.

A domestic violence survivor, I know pain -- both physical and emotional. Battered and bruised and an emotional captive, I had a choice to make: Do I want to live my life on someone else's terms or my own?

I chose ME.

My experiences have called me to show women how to create Life's Elixir from the same tools that helped me take care of myself and heal. I am calling women who:

Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash
  • Want more from self-care than bubble baths, candles, and pedicures
  • Want to learn the ingredients for, and how to manifest the Elixir of Life
  • Want to establish and/or maintain a daily creative practice -- a sadhana
  • Want to make magic with pen and paintbrush

Soul Expressions is a journey to excavate your True Soul Self. Using self-inquiry and self-discovery through image, word, and symbol you will manifest the ingredients needed to create the Elixir of Life. And armed with your vial of Elixir, true self-care and healing can be achieved.

Using the tools of Intentional Creativity (IC)*, we explore and mine the hidden caverns of our soul and manifest the meanings and messages we find within through word, image, and symbol. We meet our True Soul Self both on the page (in our journal) and at the easel.

We will meet virtually, in the DIVA Wisdom Circle classroom. Our journey begins on July 1, 2020. Let us embark on this sadhana together...

Our year-long quest will:

  • Take you on a deep dive within, in exploration and discovery of Self.
  • Teach you the power of creating and maintaining a Soul Expressions Journal and starting/maintaining a daily creative practice.
  • Have you wield your magic wand through 13 Intentional Creativity paintings -- your body of work.
  • Show you the ingredients and how to manifest the Elixir of Life...
Talisman by Sumaiyah Yates, Artist

Learn the 3 levels of self-excavation and self-discovery that lead to Soul Expressions:

  1. Chaos: Your restless soul.
  2. Calm: Acknowledgement of your soul situation.
  3. Compassion: The expressions of your soul.

This is a journey into the exploration of Self. At the end of the journey, you will have a guidebook — your Soul Expressions Journal — and a body of work which depicts the different parts that make up the whole You. You will have a minimum of 13 pieces of poetry, prose, and/or prayers and 13 paintings if you only focus on the main coursework. If you choose to engage with the rest of the material in the class, you will have an additional 80+ journal spreads alone! And that doesn’t count the bonuses that get thrown in along the way…

At the end of our year together, you will have over 100 new pieces of artwork — all manifested by your hands!

No Experience Necessary!

We start on July 1st with an easy BONUS lesson. You get a bonus right off the break! This bonus lesson is designed to get you comfortable flinging paint in your new journal. It “breaks” the journal and gives you permission to get down and get messy before moving onto the canvas. It is also a way to set your intentions for your Soul Expressions journal and journey and the work that you will do this year.

Photo by Sumaiyah Yates

On July 5th, we have our first LIVE Full Moon painting session -- watch live or find the recording in the classroom when you are ready to paint. Each month, on the Full Moon we paint together at the easel. Grab a cuppa, your paints, easel, and magic wands and join me for livestream painting fun!

You don't need to be apprehensive about stepping up to the easel and wielding your magic wand. We manifest our paintings through:

  • First setting our intention.
  • Releasing the Chaos.
  • Calling in the Calm.
  • Showing ourselves Compassion.
  • Embellishing the newly revealed bits of Self.
  • Illuminating the path forward.


Then, on July 20th -- at the New Moon -- we have our first journaling session. This will be our first deep dive exploration into the parts of our Self that have been excavated through our painting process. Altar making, candle lighting, meditation, setting sacred space... We set our intentions for the new cycle at the New Moon through poetry, prose, and prayer.

But that’s not all for the month…

In the meantime and in between time you will receive the Grounded in Gratiffirmations lesson and additionally the INK PAAD Inspiration lesson. Both of these lessons are time-lapsed videos of me making a page in my Gratiffirmations Journal and INK PAAD. They are designed to be a creativity boost and keep your creative juices flowing throughout the month. We don't only create on the Full and New Moons...

And let’s not forget about the weekly INK Spot inspirational lessons. These are “quick and dirty” artworks made on ATCs — artist trading cards which are 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size. At the end of the year, you will have a deck of 52 cards (ATCs) filled with inquiries and the symbols and images that represent your response to those inquires. These can be used for years to come as prompts for future healing and self-care.

Once a quarter, we gather together via livestream with members from one of my other courses for an INK PAAD Inspiration session in real-time. We get to chat, giggle, and create together live! This is an informal “hangout” session, not designed as “formal instruction,” where we all do our own thing while we’re chatting. Questions are welcome! Feel free to ask questions about what I’m doing during the livestream, or ask your other mixed media, painting, and/or art journaling questions.

Meet me at the doorway and I will usher you in...

All of this takes place in my online art community, DIVA Wisdom Circle, where sacred space has been manifested for Soul Expressions. In your private classroom, you will find all of the materials for the class. Livestreams are held via Zoom (links will be in the classroom) and recorded. Join us live, or if you are unable to you can join us later via the recordings. This makes it possible for this offering to be extended worldwide!

It is my hope that, at the end of our year together, you will:

  • Have established a daily creative practice
  • Journal daily -- with both word and image
  • Have a complete body of work to bring you abundance
  • Sense the connection to me and to others on the same quest



As I look out into the world and watch us struggle with the global pandemic cause by the Coronavirus, I see the pain in the eyes of my tribe. I see the frustration. I see the anxiety. I see the fear. It is imperative that we all arm ourselves with the tools to combat the effects of COVID-19.

For me, F.E.A.R. means: Face Everything And RISE...

I have risen above fear! I have risen above the tragedies and trials in my life!! And I am passionate about showing women new tools for deep self-care!!! This path was not chosen by me -- it was gifted to me by the Divine.

Blessed to have been Divinely Inspired and given the Vision of my Ancestors, it is my responsibility to properly use the gifts I have been given. These teachings are not for me to hoard. That would be a disservice to all those who are seeking it. It would make our world feel the effects of the pandemic more acutely. My job is to help ensure that doesn't happen.

I am in service to you.

Won't you join me on this quest for Soul Expressions? Paid via monthly subscription, it cost less than a mani/pedi, less than a spa day, less than a visit to the hair salon... Aren't you worth more than the temporary fix garnered through the typical "pamper yourself" route?

Nothing is wrong with pampering yourself. In fact, everything is right about it! But learning a tool that can be utilized daily is more valuable to you. At 2 a.m. the nail shop is not open, but the easel is always open for business.

Join us!