Upping the bar...

International Women's Day was established on March 8th back in 1913. Its purpose was to help nations worldwide end discrimination against women. Since then, countries around the world celebrate women on this day. This one, single day...

I say women should be celebrated every day of the year!

How is one day really going to bring full awareness to discrimination, gender-bias, inequality in the workplace, and all of the other harms held against women and end it all? If one day was going to work, I think after nearly 107 years it would have worked by now.

But I digress...

While I won't stand on a soapbox and spew forth the evils of gender discrimination, I will do my part in bringing awareness to discrimination against women. And the way I will do this in 2020 is by upping the bar. By remembering women throughout the entire month of March through art.

And I invite you to join me.

Every day for the month of March 2020, I will be painting portraits of females. Now -- I'm no Van Gogh... These paintings may be from a reference photo, inspired by some of the mixed media artists I love, or thought up out of my own mind. I'm not looking for realistic paintings here, although realistic portraits are welcome. I'm talking about simple paintings of women. Whimsical, realistic, stick figure -- whatever. As long as it depicts a woman, then it's acceptable.

Now here's the twist --

If you join me in this art quest to honor women every day of the month of March, if you so choose I will hang your art on the walls of the Studio as part of DIVA Empowerment Studio's In Honor Of Women painting series. If you would like your art to be for sale, you will receive 90% of the proceeds. The other 10% will go toward Studio fees (materials to hang the paintings, labor, etc.). All you need to do to qualify is to ensure your paintings are 9x12 inches, no bigger or smaller. It can be any medium and any "paper" type (bristol, watercolor, canvas, etc.).

Don't feel pressured to make a painting a day if that's going to overwhelm you. Even making just one to honor women causes a positive ripple. And don't feel compelled to create on single sheets unless you plan to submit your artwork for display. Your heARTbook is always a great place to manifest goodness. Use your journal if you so desire.

Whatever you decide, I ask that you please help me to cause that positive vibe by focusing on women in your creativity from March 1st through 31st. Thank you in advance!