Happy International Women's Day!

This year's theme is Choose to Challenge. It is a call to action. Action for us to choose to challenge gender inequality and bias. 2021 holds promise of this challenge, starting with the election of our first female Vice President of the United States.

We've been gaining momentum toward this goal each and every year. We have seen some successes, e.g., Vice President Kamala Harris, however there's still a long way to go and much work to be done.

So I ask you: Will you Choose to Challenge?

Will you challenge the "establishment" and help to effect change? Will you stand up for gender equality? Will you take action to end gender bias? Will you be a beacon of light in the fight for women's rights?

The choice is yours...

You can choose to take action toward change, or you can choose to accept the long established oppression and suppression of women and their rights. We all are busy with life -- work, kids, spouse, home. We are all mired in our own thoughts and circumstances. But unless and until we work collectively towards a goal, change won't come.

There are many ways to help. March and protest if you are called. Write letters if you are called to do that. Volunteer with an organization that is fighting for women's rights. Make a donation to a cause. What you choose to do isn't what is important. What's important is that you choose to do something.

What are you choosing to do?

I challenge you to do something. Anything. I Choose to Challenge, starting first with myself. Challenging myself to continue to do something toward overcoming the inequalities and bias women face each and every day of their lives. Ase'.