A walk through Intentional CreativityR in your art journal...

I remember the first time I painted on canvas at the easel. It was 2008 and I was at the Cosmic Cowgirls Studio in Healdsburg CA. Shiloh Sophia was walking the room, instructing her 30 students in painting their Legend... She was instructing us on adding "lights" and "darks" to our painting. I was standing there, frozen, thinking to my Self "What the heck are lights and darks???"

She came up behind me, short but mighty LOL (I was painting in 5 inch heels, cuz you know -- I likes my heels!). With gentleness in her voice and a loving hand, she guided me on what to do next. I love the painting that manifested and I still own it today. But still -- I was a nervous wreck at that easel!

I had never painted before -- only mixed media in my art journal. I "didn't know how to paint or draw" and it seemed everyone else there were experienced painters. I was overwhelmed, afraid, almost sick to my stomach... In addition to never having painted before, I was also the elephant in the room (read: the only black woman). Talk about a panic attack!

Between Shiloh Sophia's gentle loving kindness and the power and potency of intentional creativity, I made it through...

Fast forward to today, some 13 years later (I went in January 2008 and it's just about January 2021 as I'm writing this...), I still get intimidated when I stand before a huge blank canvas with paintbrush in hand. But I trust in the Intentional CreativityR process now. I know it now. It is in my bones. I know that creating intentionally will manifest what needs to be visually expressed.


Yes -- I see me now. I see my potential. I see the messages the Ancestors have left for me, the breadcrumbs. I see what is moving in my life and what needs to be moved. I see a path to moving the unmovable. I see me, authentically. And Intentional CreativityR (IC) is the catalyst that opened my eyes.

And that's what I'm bringing to you with this offering... A way to see your Self in all of your glorious authenticity. A way to bring what's hidden to the surface and live a life of self-love and self-acceptance. I am bringing you the tools of Intentional CreativityR for your toolbox.

What IC Me Is

IC Me is a free, live, monthly Intentional CreativityR paint party. The only difference is we will be making an art journal rather than painting at the easel. You can't be confident at the easel if you don't have confidence in your artwork.

  • Build your confidence by creating mixed media paintings on single sheets of watercolor paper.
  • Learn how to "break the page."
  • Create a Body of Work -- 12 paintings. One each month of 2021.
  • See your progression -- both in your Self and in your art.
  • Hand bind your paintings at the end of the year into an art journal that tells your story.
  • All through fun, interactive, live stream sessions where we get to create together while maintaining safety during the COVID pandemic...

This isn't your traditional Intentional CreativityR course. We won't be creating on a large 36x40 inch canvas -- Shiloh Sophia's suggested canvas size for her classes. We won't have 4+ hours to paint and muse together. What we will have is time in inquiry and creating with intention. We will have 2 hours together to fling paint, pastes, and other mediums onto the page, sprinkling a little glitter along the way.

  • An invocation
  • An inquiry
  • An intimation
  • An intentionally created journal page...

IC Me will be streamed live every 1st Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Eastern time), starting January 2, 2021. To gain access to the IC Me livestream, sign up below. You will receive the full list of dates and links to the livestreams, along with a suggested supply list so that you can be prepared to create with me in 2021.