Our next monthly, free, livestream journal jamboree is on February 6, 2021. This month, I will be playing with gouache.

I have never used this medium before, so this should be fun! I have no idea what it will do our how it will come out. That's what makes it so fun!!

Gouache is basically opaque watercolor paint. Once dry, it will react to any wet mediums (water, gesso, matte medium, etc.) that are layered on top of it. This should make it interesting...

Use what you have!

I do not encourage you to go out and purchase gouache if you do not already have it in your stash. IC Me is all about having fun in your journal and using what you have! If you purchase it and do not like it, then you're "stuck" with an art supply that you don't care for when that money could have been spent on supplies that rock your socks off. IC Me is inspiration for you to get your butt in your chair and create -- it is not a "follow the teacher" workshop...

If you are really interested in playing with gouache with me and are determined to purchase some so you can play along, here is an inexpensive set of 12 colors. I have no experience with this brand or set of colors. I recommend it to you because it is inexpensive and won't put too big of a dent in your budget. Please note -- this is an affiliate link which allows me to earn a few pennies if you use this link to purchase; however, this does not affect your price for the product in any way.

Did you do last month's writing?

Remember, each month on the back of our artwork, we write and muse about whatever came up for us during our creative process that month. Did you remember to write your thoughts and musings for January? If not, it's not too late to go back and do so! I encourage the use of art + words in your journal. It will bring new life to your art journaling that you would never expect!

Until February 6th, be well! Be blessed!! And know that you are love and that you are loved!!!