Empower yourself with the beautiful adornment of henna...

One of the ways we perform self-care is by adorning ourselves. The way we dress. The jewelry and accessories we add to our attire. Our makeup. It makes us feel beautiful, which makes us feel good about ourselves. Henna adornment is no different.

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash

DIVA Empowerment Studio is all about empowering you. As such, we offer henna services to our patrons:

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Private Henna Parties
  • Sip-N-Henna

Henna is not just for special occasions. Just like we get our nails and feet done regularly -- usually every two weeks -- so that we can look and feel good, henna should be thought of in the same way. It is an adornment just as gel nails and polish are. It is something to be used to uplift you and make you feel beautiful. Because you are beautiful...

Henna is simply self-care and you are worth it!

If you would like to book henna services for you and/or your group, please go to our booking page. We would love to pamper you by adorning you with beautiful all natural henna. Please also be sure to visit our Henna Facts page, provided as an educational resource on what henna is as well as other important information you should know about henna and henna services.

We look forward to adorning you!!

Header photo does not contain DIVA Empowerment Studio henna designs. It is a stock photo from an online image provider.