In one of the quilting groups I'm in on social media, one of the ladies mentioned she was sewing purses for young girls in Zambia. It's a project called Sew Powerful Purses and the goal is to make purses for girls so that they can continue their education and not miss days in school.

I recently purchased some Ankara fabrics thinking I could make an African scrap quilt. When I saw the post about Sew Powerful Purses, I immediately thought that I could use the Ankara fabrics for purses instead. So yesterday, after receiving my new pair of Gingher scissors, I printed the pattern and cut the pieces out. I spent the evening reviewing the pattern and the accompanying 'how to' video so that I would be comfortable attempting to make a purse.

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Recently, I made my first purse! It was relatively easy... Box pleats came together nicely. I used webbing for the strap instead of making one out of the fabric. Saves on both fabric and my sanity. I don't have to use up a lot of fabric making a 52 inch strip for the strap and I don't have to fiddle with turning a long tube right side out after sewing the strap together. It also allows me to get 2 purses out of 1 yard of 44 inch wide fabric...

If you are a sewist with some time on your hands and some fabric that you wouldn't mind donating, I encourage you to take a look at this project (link above) and see if you want to join in and help out. The purse took me a few hours to complete; but I was watching and rewinding/rewatching the video as I was sewing to ensure I was constructing it properly. Someone who can read a pattern and/or doesn't need video instruction can have these babies made in an hour or less.

Another option, if you don't sew or don't have space to add another project to your already full plate, is to make a donation toward the purchase of fabric and lining on my Ko-fi page. I also have a small store with handcrafted laser cut items available there. 100% of your donation and purchase costs will be used toward buying fabric and supplies so I can continue making purses for the Sew Powerful Purse Project. One yard of fabric/lining makes 2 purses, and thereby helps 2 young girls to stay in school. Click the button below to go to my page and make your donations and purchases:

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. I know the girls in Zambia are deeply grateful, and so am I.

Here's the purse I made:

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Inside Pocket
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Inside of Purse