The year is new and it is the year for YOU...

Most everyone except the very young has experienced the build up to and celebration of a new year. It is a joyous time, yet also a stressful time. Stressful because people put so much pressure on themselves to "do more," "be more," "accomplish more"... Rarely do we focus on self in a manner that is not adding pressure. This year, I challenge you to a year of celebrating You.

I'm not one to make resolutions -- they never stick for me. Nor do I sit and create a laundry list of goals, although I do make some goals for the year. Rather than resolutions, I opt to choose a word or phrase that helps me to embody my life. This word/phrase is always specific to me. What do I want to embody for my Self for this new 365 page chapter of my life?

Embodying my life... What does that even mean?

For me, it means that I live life. I intentionally choose not to walk through life as a robot: wake up, get kids off to school, get self off to work, work 8+ hours, come home, homework with kids, prepare dinner, eat, social/spend time with the kids and the S.O., bathe, go to bed, repeat the next day... All of these things are necessary, outside of going to work for me since I am retired and am my own boss. But do they have to be done in such an "automatic" manner? What can I do to enhance my life's experience and not feel so routine and scheduled? How can I add spice and spark to my life? How can I embody the life that I am living?

Just because we are raised to complete school and get a good job, marry and raise a family, then retire and enjoy "the good life," doesn't mean we have to lead a mundane life. We don't have to walk through life like robots. We don't have to sit and watch life live us. We are in full control of how our life is and what we do. I understand that most folks need a job so there are some areas that we don't have full control. I mean -- you have control of the job you have, you can choose what you do for a living; but you may not have control over the days and times that you have to be at work doing what it is you choose to do. That, however, still doesn't prevent you from fully embodying who you are and how you live.

As a member of the team at Musea, a mother and grandmother, as well as a business owner (of 3 businesses...) my life could be very mundane. It could be very strict, stringent, and scheduled. I choose, however, not to live in that manner. Those parts that need scheduling get scheduled, but in between and all around those scheduled "appointments," I am doing me. I have travelled (with hella safety precautions, including being vaxed) within the last year. I have been working on the book that I have been wanting to write. I enjoy time with my kids -- both the human and the fur babies. I spend time doing my other passions, including portrait quilts and crocheting. And I even get to squeeze in some reading on a regular basis to.

For me, that's embodiment. Not allowing my life to be dictated by what is the "normal life" and doing everything I have ever desired to do. I am even planning on another trip at the end of this year -- that's as long as Omicron and whatever other variant materializes is no longer causing skyrocketing numbers.  I intend to live life to the fullest. My life, my way. I'm looking forward to being known as the eccentric old lady with too much yarn and too many art supplies, although I won't be known for having too many cats. LOL One is enough in that category...