Do you know the healing power of art, but have shied away from creating because you feel that you "can't paint or draw"?

Have you stumbled across medicine painting classes that you would love to take, but won't because you have to paint a face and you don't believe you have the ability to paint faces?

Have you allowed your fear of not being "good enough" at art to keep you from this healing work?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions (and/or any of the myriad of other fears and blocks that keep you from creating) then this class is for you! No face or figure painting required!!

Green Tara Mandala Meditation is a 22-day sadhana. A sadhana "is a generic term coming from the yogic tradition that refers to any spiritual exercise that is aimed at progressing the sādhaka towards the very ultimate expression of his or her life in this reality" (Wikipedia definition). In other words, it is a focused spiritual practice that is designed to bring you closer to the goal(s) you have for your spiritual life.

Our journey begins at the Full Moon -- April 26, 2021!

This is a 22-day mandala meditation practice focused on the 21 emanations of Green Tara (and Green Tara, for a total of 22 aspects of this deity). Creating mandalas is a strong meditation practice. Mandalas draw you deeper within your Self, causing you to reflect on the issue(s) that you are bringing to the Divine. The repetitive nature and movement used to create the shapes to form the mandala is a meditation.

As you create each mandala, you will be paying homage to Green Tara (or one of Her emanations), offering prayers, meditating on the aspects of that emanation, and inviting Green Tara to be present with you as you ask Her to help you with that aspect of your spiritual practice and life.

In this course, you will:

  • Study Green Tara and each of Her 21 emanations.
  • Create a mandala meditation for each of Green Tara's 22 aspects (Green Tara and Her 21 emanations).
  • Learn the mantra for each of the emanations, infuse them into your artwork, and recite them during the creation of each mandala (meditation).
  • Learn the Twenty-One Praises to Tara.
  • Create a Green Tara spiritual practice that you can incorporate into your own daily spiritual practice (or parts thereof).
  • Create a mixed media art journal altar to Green Tara which contains 22 mandala meditations, Her mantras, and Her medicine.
  • Significantly up your spiritual practice game through active and mantra meditation.

At the end of the course, you will have a beautiful art journal with 22 different mandala meditations to Green Tara that you can refer to again and again. You will be able to look to your Green Tara Mandala Meditation altar (art journal) whenever you wish to call in Her energy and power -- whenever you want to call on Green Tara for assistance in your life.

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Green Tara is a deity from the Tibetan Buddhism spiritual tradition. The beauty of Tibetan Buddhism is that you do not have to become a Buddhist in order to pay homage to Green Tara through spiritual practice. Even though the Refuge Prayer (taking refuge) -- part of a Green Tara spiritual practice -- is part of the process to become a Buddhist, doing so to embrace Buddhism is part of a formal ceremony. "You can still connect with and benefit from the intention of refuge without taking on a new religion." (excerpt from TARA: The Liberating Power of the Female Buddha, by Rachel Wooten, PHD).

I am not a Buddhist. I am not a Green Tara expert.

I am, however, someone who was drawn in to the power, compassion, and unconditional love of Green Tara. Through research, study, and classes, I have gained an understanding of Her and Her willingness to be of service in your life. All you need to do is ask and She will be present to assist you... And what I've learned through my time working with this Goddess, I share with you freely. I am providing the spring board for you to delve in as deeply as you are called into Green Tara and her 21 emanations. I am calling you to create (and/or re-energize) your spiritual practice. I am calling you to action in your spiritual life.

Green Tara Herself is a mandala. She sits in the center with Her 21 emanations surrounding Her, creating a beautiful, energetically powerful mandala. Though we are creating a mandala meditation practice, we will not be painting Green Tara's image. (That's unless you want to do so -- it's your altar, make it the way that pleases you and draws you in to meditate and pray daily.)

This removes the inherent fear that sometimes arises when art is part of the process.

Green Tara Mandala Meditation:

  • Brings you back to your childhood through simple shapes and abundant color.
  • Allows you to be free to play in paint, removing the burden of "skill" in your artwork.
  • Provides a form of active and mantra meditation -- especially helpful for those who find that "sitting still and quiet while emptying your mind of your thoughts" to meditate is difficult or impossible.

Not everyone is successful at "traditional" meditation. Those that are usually practice for years upon years before they are successful at clearing their minds completely while being still and quiet and focusing on the task of meditating. I am certainly one who has a hard time sitting still, getting quiet, and simply meditating. Being a single mom with 2 teenage boys and a 70lb boxer and 8lb cat that like to play tag through the house make it almost impossible to sit in silence for meditation. The number of times there is a "crash bang!" in my house each day eliminates any possibility of me not having to jump up and run to see what the boys or animals did this time. An impossible situation for traditional meditation...

In Green Tara Mandala Meditation, active meditation (also referred to as "movement meditation" -- labyrinth walking is an example) and mantra meditation (using a repetitive sound to clear the mind) are combined to bring you into the present moment. With presence, you are able to completely focus on the task at hand: your spiritual practice (in this case, paying homage to Green Tara). You become present to the moment you are in. You become focused on raising your spiritual vibrations through prayer and supplication.

Painting your mandala is the active meditation. You are actively moving -- applying paint to the page, creating the mandala, embellishing the mandala with color... Repeating the mantra for the Green Tara emanation you are presently working with brings in mantra meditation. The repetition of the mantra helps to clear your mind of day-to-day thoughts and worries and helps you to zone in on the mandala creation, thereby causing you to zone in on that aspect of the deity.

Combined, this creates a powerful meditation practice which is spiritually infused through the inclusion of remembrance, homage, and prayer to Green Tara.

What you get:

  • A 22-day Green Tara sadhana.
  • Video instruction on creating 22 different mandalas in real-time (not time lapsed videos).
  • A Green Tara spiritual practice to be used separately or combined with your current spiritual practice.
  • Creation of a Green Tara Mandala Meditation mixed media art journal (your "altar").
  • Copious information on Green Tara along with suggestions for further research and study.
  • A private online classroom which contains all of the materials in one sacred container.
  • A private sadhana group -- not on Facebook! -- for you to be in community with other sadhakas.
  • BONUS: Green Tara Seed of Life Mandala (over 2 hours of video!).
  • BONUS: Green Tara Seed Symbol Altar Cards
  • BONUS: Green Tara painting process for your journal cover. (Totally optional if you are adverse to face and figure painting!)
  • Lifetime access.

That's 26 videos!

Plus a PDF for each lesson, a private sadhana community, and lifetime access...

I invite you to join me for this 22-day Green Tara Mandala Meditation experience. If you can draw circles, ovals, wavy lines, and other simple shapes you learned in childhood, you can create mandalas! Green Tara Mandala Meditation is not focused on creating absolutely perfect geometrically symmetrical mandalas. That's a meditation for another day... In this course we focus on bringing the essence of Green Tara and Her emanations to the page. This doesn't require precision! It only requires your intention to connect with the Goddess. Our mandalas come into form intuitively, holding our emotions and our expressions of love and reverence to the Goddess through expressive mandala making.

Join us!