A couple of weeks ago I launched a free art journaling class here on the website called Monday Mixed Media Magick. Each Monday, I add a new lesson to the classroom to help you get past the blank page and start creating inspirational words and images in your art journal. (Actually, the lessons are posted in advance -- there are 4 lessons available now, which take you through March 9th.)

Not only are these lessons designed to get you journaling, they also teach you the basics of mixed media. The lessons build upon themselves each week, teaching you a new way to use the medium we're working with. They also build on the mediums we have covered, adding the mediums together on the same page -- this is the essence of "mixed media."

The class is designed for those of you who are not yet ready to take the deep dive into self-reflection and self-discovery that happens in heARTbooking. If you want to make beautiful mixed media art journal pages but do not want to get all "heavy" with it, then Monday Mixed Media Magick is for you. And if you're already heARTbooking or doing other things to excavate You, then this class can give you inspiration for things to do in your journal without taking the deep dive.

You don't always have to be working on yourself to create in your art journal...

Like I said, the class is absolutely free and will remain that way forever. Access to the class is lifetime access -- as long as this website and blog exist, the class will be available. There are no videos or PDFs to download (nothing to clog up your hard drive!). The lessons are self-contained, with photos and full step-by-step directions. There may even be a video or three thrown in along the way.

I would love for you to join us! And when you decide to do so, we'd love to see your pages in the Facebook Group. The FB group is a safe, no-judgement, no-critique space. We post our work there sheerly for the love of sharing beautiful, inspirational pages with each other. Come on over and join the group, then share your art!

I look forward to making many many many art journal spreads with you in the coming weeks and months.