I recently submitted a painting for the Women Woven Together juried art call, held by Musea: Intentional Creativity Museum. Not long after my submission, I was contacted by Musea's Curatorial Director, Amber Gould, and informed that my painting was chosen as one of the "featured promotional images" for the upcoming Many Muses Festival! As if that wasn't enough -- I was asked if it would be OK for Musea to share my painting on their iMusea page along with information about the exhibit!!

Oh Em Gee! I am beyond honored!!

About a week later, I received notification that my submission "was reviewed by the Musea Art Call Jury and has been selected for inclusion in [our] Women Woven Together exhibit"!!! Oh happy day! The first painting I have ever submitted for a juried art call and it was one of the selected paintings! If memory serves me correctly, my painting was one of nearly 100 submissions. I'm still in disbelief that it made the cut!

As if... As if... AS IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH...

Yesterday, Amber reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to share about the creation of my painting in the artist sharing circle for the Festival! She said my painting "is so phenomenal and perfectly holds the theme of the show."


You know we are our own worst critic... For Amber to use "phenomenal" in reference to my painting just made my day! I. Am. STOKED!

I would share a photo of my painting with you, but I'd rather have you join me at the Many Muses Festival on Friday. That way you can see all of the beautiful artwork. And -- this is an all day event, with another museum exhibit and a host of activities for you to join in. Come on -- let your hair down and have some fun, see some ah-mazing artwork, and join in on the festivities! I am sure you will have a blast.

See you at the Festival!