You all know that we move into our new space this Saturday, February 1st. You've seen the pictures and "heard" me gushing about the space and how excited I am. Well, it seems we also have a bit of dust building on the Internet too...

Obviously you know about the website -- it's where this blog resides. And alot of you read my blog because you're either a member of the Facebook Group, the Facebook Page, or both. (However you come to read the blog, thank you for being one of my blog readers!) So that means we're on social media in addition to having a website presence (IG: @diva.empowerment). But did you know that we're on Patreon too?

Many people avoid Facebook. Be it they're tired of the way social media makes them feel -- with the constant feed of political crap or people bashing one another or celebrity hype or whatever -- or Facebook changing its policies and algorithms every other day making it nearly impossible to see the stuff that you want to see on your own newsfeed. So you make the switch to Instagram. But IG just isn't the same as FB! The interaction is different. For instance, you can't join a group of likeminded individuals and talk about your likemindedness. So what is one to do when you want to be part of an online community without the BS?

You simply come to Patreon where you can join that group of likeminded individuals and chat away about those things that most interest you. We have recently launched our Patreon page to welcome you to the fold that isn't in the bowels of social media. You will be amongst those who have the same interest in words + art and self-healing as you do. And the sharing from our standpoint is much more seamless.

We have a place to write posts and share our story as it develops over time. We can share other content such as PDFs and videos, with the ability to sort and group them so that they are easy for your to find. No more scrolling through a group or page's feed to find that post about how to do an image transfer! You are able to read the feed without distractions. No ads show up in your feed, there aren't any ads, suggested pages, or suggested groups clogging up the sidebar and making your scrolling choppy and difficult. It's our own little piece of the Internet without all the fluff and hype.

I would love for you to join the DIVA Empowerment Studio community on Patreon. Hop over there when you have a few moments to check it out. Your feedback is always welcome and grately appreciated!