I have been a follower and practitioner of Intentional Creativity™ since about 2009 when I stumbled upon Shiloh Sophia's artist website. I attended her Great Work Retreat in 2010 and then followed that course with another of her offerings circa 2012 -- both in her former Cosmic Cowgirls Studio in Healdsburg, CA. In 2013, I completed the Color of Woman Teacher Training course and was certified as an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach. Since my graduation from Color of Woman, I have been involved in helping Shiloh and her staff continue to build the organization and its offerings. At first my involvement was spotty, mostly because of chaos that was happening in my personal life. But in recent years -- especially 2020 and 2021 -- I have been more engaged in the work because I was finally able to remove what was blocking me from jumping in with both feet.

Well... My dedication to Musea and spreading Intentional Creativity resulted in my being appointed to the Board of Directors for the Musea Intentional Creativity Foundation.

I received a phone call from Shiloh and her husband, Jonathan, at the end of last year (2021) letting me know that they would like to invite me to the Board to assist them with technology -- both for the organizations and for their membership. You see, I have over 30 years of information technology experience from my employment in Corporate America and tech is my jam. I often refer to myself as a tech geek, although I'm not very "geeky"... What an honor!

And 2022 has started out with a BANG for me! The last job I held in Corporate America before retiring I loved. But -- the stress was too much for me. After a heart attack and several strokes, I made the hard decision to walk away from a high paying job that I absolutely loved. It was the best -- and only -- decision to make. My life is more important to me than any job or salary. The only thing left to do in retirement was to fill my life with something else I loved. Something that would bring me great joy and help my life be complete. So I began to immerse myself in my work in Intentional Creativity: teaching classes, holding Red Thread Circles, and getting deeply involved in the innerworkings of Musea, Mothership Inc., and Cosmic Cowgirls Ink.

And now, I am a member of the Board...

BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! And not the lethal kind... I have managed to replace a corporate job in technology with a position in an organization that I really believe in. Intentional Creativity (and Shiloh) saved my life. Not because I was offered a Board seat; but because the healing power of Intentional Creativity is real. As a Black woman and survivor of intimate partner abuse, there was a lot of work I had to do on my Self in order to be healed enough to enjoy and embody life. I wasn't going to sit back and watch life live me. To just survive. My goal was to THRIVE! My goal has been reached in short order and all that is left to do is to, well, thrive.

My work in and for Intentional Creativity is not just for me, however. It is for my granddaughter. It is for other survivors of domestic violence. It is for other Black women artists. It is for the whole of women artists -- a group largely missing from the world's art galleries and museums, even though we make up 50% of the artists in the world (only 2% of artists represented by galleries and museums are women). It is for all of those who follow me and Intentional Creativity. It is for those who have yet to take the leap and put Intentional Creativity in their lives.

Outside of the big C, my 2021 was pretty great. A trip to Texas to visit one of my best friends who is also a Color of Woman graduate. A trip to California to support the VIVID : Tapestry workshop. More and more involvement in all things Intentional Creativity. Higher attendance in the classes and workshops that I offer. Although the year has just begun, 2022 is already shaping up to be even better! I am excited for what is aligning itself with me this year and looking forward to doing all that I can and being all that I can BE.

I will not just survive -- I. WILL. THRIVE!

And I hope that you will too. Embody your life. I mean really embody it. Live it. Don't let life pass you by. Grab the bull by both horns and hang on for a wild ride. The ride of Your Life. Your way. With joy and abundance.