Dedication Has Its Rewards


I have been a follower and practitioner of Intentional Creativity™ since about 2009 when I stumbled upon Shiloh Sophia's artist website. I attended her Great Work Retreat in 2010 and then followed that course with another of her offerings circa 2012 -- both in her former Cosmic Cowgirls Studio in Healdsburg, CA. In

Dedication Has Its Rewards2022-01-08T18:30:03-05:00

10 Days In…


Nearly 3 hours of recorded content plus an accompanying workbook released in the first 9 days!

10 Days In…2021-08-23T20:17:48-04:00

IC Me – February 6, 2021


Our next monthly, free, livestream journal jamboree is on February 6, 2021. This month, I will be playing with gouache. I have never used this medium before, so this should be fun! I have no idea what it will do our how it will come out. That's what makes it so fun!! Gouache is basically

IC Me – February 6, 20212021-07-20T19:27:12-04:00

Legend: Mystic Museum Show


I am excited to announce that my artwork will be showcased in the Musea Museum Show, Legend: Mystic! This museum show will showcase the art of many, many women artists. The work is beautiful, but most importantly it is powerful. The energy in the paintings will have you swooning! I invite you to join us

Legend: Mystic Museum Show2021-07-20T19:29:28-04:00


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