DIVA Empowerment Studio recently launched a series of classes on the technology you need to have a website, e-mail marketing with automations, online classroom, professional video editing (coming soon), and more so that you can bring your business fully online.

Being able to conduct your business online is critical -- especially in this era of COVID...

You are a creative, or a salesperson, or someone who knows how to run your business well. BUT -- you don't know the technology to bring your business online (partially or fully) and you have been pulling your hair out trying to figure it all out. A website is a given. But how will you stay in contact with your list? Hell -- how will you increase your list? How will you provide a safe environment to hold your classes? How will you find the time to manage and maintain all of this technology AND continue to run your business?

The Tech DIVA series of classes can help you with all of this!

All classes in this series include LIVE, real-time, help from the instructor. Your instructor worked in the information technology field for over 30 years and knows her stuff! Sure -- you can always use the help topics for any given technology or scour YouTube for videos on the product(s) to help get you started. But who will you contact when the techno mumble jumble makes no sense and causes you a headache? Who will you call when you need to add a line of code to your website but don't have the first clue about where to put the code? Who will you call when the step-by-step instructions are outdated and the steps have changed?

Most services offer help and support through community forums. Throw your question up in the forum and hope that one of the other users is able to help. And if they are able to help, can they explain it to you in a manner which makes sense to you? The services that do have a "helpdesk" usually provide an e-mail for you to contact their support team -- and then they give their support team up to 72 hours to contact you. Contacting you doesn't mean resolving the problem...

Can your business afford to wait up to THREE DAYS for a possible solution???

As stated above, the Tech DIVA series of classes comes with personal, one-on-one, live, real-time support by a 30 year I.T. vet. Get same-day response to your questions and technical problems. Schedule time for live support via face-to-face online meeting with the instructor where she'll be able to share her screen (or you share yours) and walk you through resolution step-by-step. No more throwing questions into the web-o-sphere in hopes that someone -- anyone -- can help you over the hurdle!

Stop waiting for service by service providers who collect monthly/annual payments from you. Check out the Tech DIVA series of classes and register today!