Join me for a year long art journal journey...

Affirmations have been proven to improve one's life -- emotionally, mentally, and physically. Used daily, and you will see a change in your Self in no time at all. ARTiculated Affirmations helps you to re/institute a daily affirmation practice.

Journey with me through 52 weekly prompts:

  • A new affirmation each week to work with in your journal.
  • Create a mixed media journal page each week.
  • Start a daily sacred creative practice.
  • At the end of a year, you will have an ARTiculated Affirmations journal as a resource for future affirmation work, as well as a written "history" of your journey through a year of affirming your Self.

I will be your guide...

I am Sumaiyah, but most people call me Wysdom. I am a 2013 graduate of Shiloh Sophia's Color of Woman Teacher Training class, and am certified as an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach. Intentional Creativity(R) is simply creating with intention. During ARTiculated Affirmations, I will be guiding your through the Intentional Creativity(R) -- process not at the easel, but on the page.

Those of you who have some knowledge of the Intentional Creativity(R) method will most likely associate it with painting on canvas. However, Intentional Creativity(R) can be applied to most any creative activity -- including cooking dinner or tending the garden. This year, we will be applying the Method to the pages in our art journal.

Just one layer each day...

I know you may be thinking, "How can I create a journal page spread each week for a year?!?" To that, my response is: by doing just one layer each day. Each week you will be working through inquiries, contemplation, integration, manifestation, and more:

The 7 Layers of ARTiculated Affirmations

Each day, we add a new layer to the page in our ARTiculated Affirmations art journal. If you have ever painted with me, you know that each painting has many many many layers. It's part of the Intentional Creativity(R) way of excavating the layers of Self in order to manifest the desired outcome. Along with each layer, there is some writing so that we can process what is coming up for us, release anything no longer needed, and begin integrating the new knowings that are uncovered.

MIxed Media Madness...

I don't know about you, but I like to play in paint, and collage, and a multitude of art products. Registering for ARTiculated Affirmations will ensure you a year full of mixed media madness. Enabler Alert: Now -- remember: use what you have! But if you see a product that you don't have but like the way it behaves, then I say "Go for it!"

Throughout the year, we will create our pages with:

  • Acrylic Paints (of course...)
  • Brusho
  • Acrylic Inks
  • Pumice Gel
  • Collage Fodder
  • Ribbon, String, Yarn
  • Paperclay
  • So much more...

Creating With Intention...

They say that all art is created with intention. I can agree with that. But by employing the Intentional Creativity(R) method, you are creating a setting for a specific outcome to manifest.

Our work this year too will be created with intention, as is all art. However, we are taking it a few steps further by creating using the Intentional Creativity(R) method. There is a whole ritual around the method, there are 13 steps and many other facets to Intentional Creativity(R). ARTiculated Affirmations takes you through the entire process each week, helping you to establish a daily sacred creative practice. This daily practice, once established, can be a integral part of the medicine you use to BE-come the best person you can BE.

Join me for an ARTiculated Affirmations journey and establish the habit of affirming who you really are each day.