Art Addiction

Hello. I am Wysdom and I am addicted to art supplies and classes…

And what makes it worse is I have TWO studios to fill with supplies — one in my home and a separate space where I teach creative classes (pre-pandemic, now I teach online).

And guess what? They are BOTH OVERFLOWING with art supplies!!!

It’s a sickness, I tell ya…

But I just can’t seem to stop myself!

If I’m not purchasing supplies, I’m buying a class. I will pat myself on the back though and say that I am a LOT better with actually taking the classes I buy. In the past, I’d buy, start the class, and then never finish it…

I have every supply I could ever want. Sure — there are supplies out there I don’t have. And there are things out there I don’t even know about. But I have supplies in both locations that sadly sit on a shelf or in a drawer and collect dust.

Yet I continue buying supplies…

Always the perpetual student, there’s not been a year in the last 15 that I wasn’t enrolled in one art class or another. Some for spiritual practice, some for personal enrichment, some for healing modalities. Each new year, I promise to myself that I will only take one painting class at a time and one mixed media/art journal class. A total of 2 classes each year. That way I can focus on each of them and give them the proper time and attention.

Welp… I am now enrolled in 3 painting courses and at least 2 mixed media/art journal classes. And we’ve only just gotten to April…

All of this in addition to the classes I teach.

Currently, I have a series of 4 Tech DIVA classes going, along with a just completed half-day painting class so there’s follow up and continued contact with the students as they complete their paintings and continue as part of the DIVA Wisdom Circle community (and the Facebook group too – DIVA Empowerment Studio). I also have a free, self-paced paperclay class making an Ancestral Amulet, as well as a free monthly, online art journal livestream that I host on first Saturdays.

I just love art…

With all of the things that I could be addicted to in this world we live in, I am glad that I am addicted to art and art supplies. Art heals, not that healing is the only reason I create but it is certainly one of the reasons. Art is also fun and relaxing — nothing like sloshing some paint, paper, paste, and prayers onto the page or canvas and playing like I did back in childhood, allowing whatever comes to manifest intuitively.

My addiction is honorable. Are you addicted too? Let me know in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Art Addiction

  • Oh my gosh, me too! I don’t do a lot of teaching (yet), but I love to take classes and get new supplies, and I am also overflowing! And yet still really eyeing some new paints. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s a really fun addiction, though! I’m right there with you.

  • Haha art supplies – when we moved across the country from Connecticut to California – we packed everything into these shipping crates – three of them. Two held the small amount of furniture we chose to keep, boxes of clothing, boxes books, kitchen stuff, etc.. One crate was entirely devoted to my art supplies! My two large easels, my art desk, the several bins of paint (separated by brand and type) my five bins of pastels, my artwork, the blank canvases, my camera/filming equipment and more. Ordering from Dick Blick is a weekly thing for me.

  • Kimi

    I’m “new” to creating art with paint and paper….and have almost more supplies than the aromatherapy business I own!
    Completely relate. Love

  • Sue Blott

    Oh yes! Totally addicted. But after my ingulgence no one is hurt, I’ve produced something (or started to bring something fresh into the world) and i feel TONS better. So yes you are so right: an honourable addiction. I love that! Sometimes it’s fun to have so many spinning plates when they’re creative ones and we can pick and choose which ones to pay attention to more, to bounce around from one to another. Great energy!

    • Exactly! No one is hurt by my addiction except my bank account! LOL I love bringing new art into the world, even if I may not love it so much. There’s always somebody out there that is uplifted and/or inspired by my artwork and that warms my heART.

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