Ancestral Amulet

How can you become more of who you already are?

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

It takes work to remove the coverings that we have piled on ourselves over our lifetimes. It also takes being brave enough to embrace radical self-acceptance.

I invite you to a journey into self-acceptance...

Each day we don the mask that society beckons us to wear so that we can "fit in." The chaos in the background of our minds keeps us anchored to an existence that isn't ours.

But what if we could wipe the slate clean and adorn ourselves with the mask of our Ancestors? The mask of who we already are...

Ancestral Amulet Activation is a journey into BE-ing: Being who you already are...
A free workshop that will help you re-member your roots and don the mask of authenticity.

We reach out to our Ancestors to form a connection, a bond. We listen to the wisdom that they have for us and our lives. We connect to the foundation of our lives and thus are able to bring forth our Authentic Self. We are given a guidance system and the tools of our heritage and culture that allows us to adorn the mask of True Self and live in a space where there are no more costumes, no more masks, no more coverings, no more hiding.

Smiling past the tears helps us to cope. I invite you to step into the space of radical self-acceptance and give yourself the opportunity to see what arises for you from that space. Will there still be tears? I would venture to say yes... But arming your Self with the tools to help you move through the tears can make the experience one of growth and healing rather than one of pain and powerlessness.

Ancestral Amulet Activation will give you the tools to do the work of radical self-acceptance.

We will look to our Ancestors and replace the mask of society with the mask of our ancestry. It is a step toward becoming who you already are. Through connection to our Ancestors and listening for the pearls of wisdom they have for us, we reconnect with our authenticity.

Ancestral Amulet Activation helps us to find our true identity. It moves the inner bits of our heritage -- of ourselves -- to the surface. It helps us to embrace and become who we already are.

Your Guide for This Workshop

Wysdom, aka Sumaiyah, is a 2013 Color of Woman graduate and Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach. Using the tools of Intentional Creativity, she guides you through a creative process designed to help you connect/reconnect with your ancestral lineage. Paint, paper, clay, paste -- it doesn't matter the medium. As a CICT/C, Wysdom will walk with you through 13 steps of self-discovery using self-inquiry, visioning, and flinging paint.

I have spent years using Intentional Creativity (IC) to excavate the coverings that I have layered onto my Self. Many women have joined me through my offerings and found the salve they needed to treat the wounds that life has dealt them. They continue on their journey using IC's tools and spreading paint and glitter wherever they go. I invite you to journey with me using the catalyst of clay, paint, and beads as we weed out what no longer serves us, removing the false mask and adorning ourselves with the mask of authenticity.

What You Get

Clay is a very tactile medium. The very act of kneading and shaping the clay is healing in itself. Ancestral Amulet Activation allows you to:

  • Create a new mold for your life -- a mold that shows who you already are.
  • Create connections to your Ancestors using a tool (amulet) that has a long history of use in many ancient cultures and traditions.
  • Apply the "war paint" and symbols of your ancestral lineage, replacing the makeup of society's pressure to be "normal."
  • Activate your amulet, creating the connection and strong bond to your Ancestors.
  • Give your Self permission to adorn the mask of your ancestry and show up as you genuinely are: You.

This is a one-day workshop, but allow your Self plenty of time to journey through the process without rushing, distraction, or disruption. You will receive nearly 3 hours of video in real-time and an 8-page workbook which walks you through the creative process step-by-step. An invitation to the DIVA Wisdom Circle group (not on Facebook!) where you can share and be witnessed is part and parcel of this class. This is a safe space where what you share remains sacred. Share your art, your thoughts, your self-discoveries -- they will all be held and witnessed in love and respect for your personal process.

The doors to Ancestral Amulet Activation open on the New Moon -- December 14, 2020 -- and is absolutely FREE!

Creative Paperclay (or other clay of your choice)
Small piece of cardboard
Masking Tape
Paint Pen/Permanent Marker
Acrylic Paint
Seed Beads
Other Beads/Embellishments
Skewer (or other pointed stick)
Blunt Stick (back of paintbrush works well)
PVA Glue (white glue -- Elmer's, Mod Podge, etc.)
E6000 (or other strong glue)
Jewelry Eye Pin (or jewelry wire)
Chain (to wear the amulet around your neck)

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings... It is my hope that you choose to embark on a new beginning of radical self-acceptance with me on December 14th.