Are you ready to THRIVE?!?!?

You are invited to Ancestral Mask Activation!
A three-day Intentional Creativity workshop designed to reconnect you with your Ancestors.

Egungun: A Yoruba word that can be translated as "powers concealed" and refers to any masked performer or masquerade. The word elucidates a critical function of Yoruba masquerade: to cloak and contain other worldly forces and to help make possible the vital interaction between humans, ancestors, and gods.

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It is of vital importance that we connect and interact with our Ancestors. This is the seat of our wisdom and the source from which our power emanates. We need to "cloak and contain other worldly forces" -- our Ancestors -- in order to empower ourselves. Our disconnection from the Ancestors can keep us living small and surviving rather than thriving.

Our Ancestors fought long and hard against any thing and any one that attempted to separate them from their heritage, their roots. When we were torn from the lands of our origins (through the Middle Passage, fleeing hostile lands that were persecuting us, and other life circumstances), we were disconnected from our Ancestors. Our connection was lost and in a lot of instances, we lost ourselves.

Ancestral Mask Activation seeks to help you reconnect with your Ancestors, and thereby reconnect with your Self.

It is imperative that we "cloak and contain other worldly forces" -- our Ancestors. Not in such a way as to restrict, restrain, or control them; rather, in a manner which allows us to embrace them and bring them back into our focus, into our lives.

Your Guide for this Course

Wysdom (aka Sumaiyah Yates)

Who will bring you a transformative mask making and activation process to reconnect you with your ancestral lineage.

No experience necessary!

Journey with me as we create and then activate an Ancestral Mask which will:

  • Bring our awareness to who our Ancestors are -- even if we're not quite able to see their faces.
  • Create an altar (a sacred space in your home) dedicated to our Ancestors.
  • Cause and create a cloak and container for our Ancestors (our "other worldly forces").
  • Reconnect ourselves to those Ancestors who choose to show up for us right here where we are on our life's journey.
  • Remove the mask that our circumstances have placed upon us and replace it with the mask (wisdom and guidance) of our Ancestors.
  • Create a daily ritual that acknowledges our Ancestors' presence and asks them to guide our thoughts, actions, and experiences.
  • Pay homage to our Ancestors by adorning our Ancestors Altar with our activated mask.

At the end of our time together, I hope to have helped you establish a daily spiritual practice that will keep you connected to your Ancestors.

Your Ancestral Mask will be a visual symbol of your renewed connection with your ancestral lineage!

Registration opens on February 1, 2021.
Class begins on March 13, 2021.

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Enjoy these three days from the comfort of your own home! Ancestral Mask Activation is held completely online:

  1. A private classroom that will contain all of the videos and other content.
  2. A private group here where you are able to witness and interact with others who are taking this workshop.
  3. A scheduled Zoom call for all "in-person" portions.

Are Your Ancestors Calling You to This Journey?

You will never realize your power if you do not recognize from whence you came. Cosmic energy is created when you connect to your Ancestors. This cosmic energy in turn allows you to live in the present moment and be at peace with your Self. If you are seeking peace, presence, power, positivity then I'd dare to say that the ancestors are calling you. There is some thing, some one, some unknown which has brought you here. Are you ready to connect with that force and open your consciousness to the expanse of the cosmos through ancestral connections?

Cosmic connections create cosmic energy which empower you to be your best You. By reconnecting to the ancestors, you cause and create a cosmic connection and the cosmic energy created through that connection empowers you. You are enabled to navigate your life in your own way, no longer encumbered by societal "norms" and expectations of others.

Access to the Ancestral Mask Activation classroom is lifetime access!

If you are here, you have been called. Now is the time to answer the call! Right now, in this moment, you are being given a tangible sign and a roadmap that will help you obtain what you have been seeking. I invite you to answer the Ancestors call by joining me on this journey to you past which will inform and shape your present and future.

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