She wanted to fling
Paint, pastes, and primers
Penning poetry, prayers, and prose
So She decided to
Calmly create community to
Manifest many moonbeams
Of Light into the heART of Her Soul...

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates
Artist: Sumaiyah Yates

Alchemical Ancestral Activations is a deep dive into reconnecting to the Ancestors through self-inquiry and self-expression. Using the tools of Intentional Creativity (IC), we excavate and reconnect to the hidden cords which anchor us to our Ancestors. We are then able to manifest the meanings and messages we find through word, image, and symbol. We meet our Authentic Self on the page (in our journal), at the easel, and through other creative processes which get us in connection with our guidance system - our Ancestors.

This is a journey into the exploration of Self. At the end of the journey, you will have a guidebook to your ancestral lineage and a body of work which depicts the different Ancestors that make up the whole You.

At the end of our year together, you will have many many new pieces of artwork -- all done by your hands!

This class is currently closed to new registrations. However, the doors reopen on July 1st. Please sign up for our waiting list so you can be notified when registration reopens:

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Photo by Sumaiyah Yates

Creating is so much more fun when done in community! And to know that you have the support of a tribe of people while doing the deep work makes it easier to do the work. That's why we are here in the DIVA Wisdom Circle community... So that we can have a truly private, sacred, and supportive community surrounding us as we are each on our own individual journey. A community that is removed from the distractions which social media can cause, and a sacred container where you are safe to do the self-discovery work that will lead you to your Authentic Self.

Join us!