I am an artist, writer, and heART-centered-teacher...

I share Intentional CreativityR with you because this is the tool that helped me in my self-discovery. My art is for my own healing; however, I offer it to you as inspiration for you to create a more heART-centered life and create more art using your own images, words, and symbols. Both art and words are healing medicine which guide you through self-reflection toward self-realization and self-discovery.

If you desire to have a magickal life, join me as I share these healing tools with you.


More about me...

I am a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach. I love to paint and art journal intuitively, letting my intention set the stage for what manifests on the canvas and/or page. I am also a published author. So yeah -- words, images, and symbols are powerful tools in my medicine basket, and I have been using these tools for self-discovery for many years.

In addition, I am a Certified Reiki Master and certifiably crystal crazy LOL. I love healing crystals and have them all over my home and Studio. They are also used in my reiki practice.

As I strive toward my Highest Self, I choose to share my journey and my tools with those seeking to do the same. I am honored to be able to count you amongst My Loves.

I am connected to you, as you are connected to me.
I am called to this circle, as you are called to this circle.
I am responsible for my own unique piece of Red Thread, as you are responsible for your own unique piece.

I witness you, as you witness me.
May Love be the center of all of our choices.

Red Thread Vow of Connection