29 Faces Challenge

Along with opening the Studio’s physical location, working in my heARTbook and creating PDFs to share with the DIVA Empowerment Sisterhood, raising 2 teenage boys on my own, and just living life, I have also decided to join in on the 29 Faces Challenge

Basically the challenge is for you to create one face a day for the 29 days in February. I joined the challenge because I have a deep desire to paint portraits. I’m not necessarily interested in creating real life portraits; but I do want to be able to paint portraits that come out of the end of my paintbrush. I don’t need a human or picture to model my portraits after — I just want to paint portraits.


Today is the first day of the challenge — it’s February 1st! And while the painting below wasn’t made specifically for 29 Faces, it is a face that I painted just the same. This is actually part of a page spread in my Moonshine journal (Moonshine is a class I’m taking, lead by Effy Wild). But I decided that it would count as my first face in the challenge too.

Mother Goddess: The Black Madonna

For the face, I used Copic markers, and my Copics are 10 years old. Really, I’m surprised that they worked at all but as you can see by the lack of my ability to get them to blend seamlessly that they are a bit dry. Still — markers that have been sitting in my art cabinet for I know at least 8 of the 10 years I’ve had them and they still had anything at all left in them is remarkable.

Other than the wonky shading job, I really like how this painting came out as a whole. It’s the first time I painted a face that was wearing a hooded garment. Not too shabby of a job on the garment if I do say so myself! The dots around the garment were created using a Sakura Glaze Gelly Roll Glaze Pen. Those things are juicy! But best of all they write on just about any medium. On this painting, they are on acrylic paint. They add such a great detail with little effort — but remember they take a few minutes to dry or you will smear them!

I wonder what other faces I will paint during the rest of the month. I know that I want to do a few whimsy faces and I might try my hand at a manga face too. Who knows what the month will bring? We shall soon see…

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