Why I Love Technology — Even When It Doesn’t Work


I worked in the information technology field for over 30 years before I retired... It was always a "love-hate" relationship. Loved technology but hated the folks who needed help. They never listen. They call you for assistance and then they go clicking away while you're trying to help them. Or, they asking you why you

Why I Love Technology — Even When It Doesn’t Work2021-07-20T15:00:03-04:00

Honoring Green Tara…


My spiritual practice has truly begun to deepen. This is just so freeing! Painting with abandon while deeply connecting, asking for your needs, shedding all of your "problems".

Honoring Green Tara…2021-07-20T15:14:21-04:00

Color Theory-ish


And because I didn't yet have my sta-wet palette (it arrives today) and I didn't want to waste the paints I'd mixed up, I sloshed them around on a canvas board I had lying around. It makes a great start for a background!

Color Theory-ish2021-07-20T15:18:58-04:00


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