Free Art Journaling Class!


Do you want to know how to get past the blank page? Are you new to art journaling and mixed media? Do you simply need inspiration to keep creating? Then join us for our FREE online art journaling and mixed media class!

Free Art Journaling Class!2021-07-20T19:44:47-04:00

Tardy to the Party…


The background I made just playing with them to see what I could create is BEYOND beautiful! It's so pretty that I don't want to put anything else on the page spread!!

Tardy to the Party…2021-07-20T19:46:46-04:00

Do You Swatch?


Swatching is an important part of your creative journey. It allows you to know the true color to expect once you put the paint or marker to the page...

Do You Swatch?2021-07-20T19:52:14-04:00

29 Faces Challenge


Other than the wonky shading job, I really like how this painting came out as a whole. It's the first time I painted a face that was wearing a hooded garment...

29 Faces Challenge2021-07-20T19:55:28-04:00


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