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Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates has been a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach for nearly 10 years. In 2013, not only did she graduate from Color of Woman Teacher Training, she also opened her first art gallery -- Soulful Emergence Art Gallery -- in Canton, Maryland.

Sumaiyah stumbled upon Intentional Creativity circa 2009 when her path crossed the path of her art matriarch, Shiloh Sophia McCloud. The images that she discovered in her search to develop her creative skill drew her onto the path of using this modality as a tool to heal her Self. Already having realized that art was medicine for her soul, Sumaiyah was stoked to find someone using art as a deep, sacred self-care practice -- one which was being taught to all who were called. This was the catapult for Sumaiyah into the world of consciously using art to heal.

As a survivor of intimate partner abuse, Sumaiyah had been using creative exploits for many years in her quest to be "whole." Upon finding the Intentional Creativity Movement, Sumaiyah knew this was where she was called to serve the people she cared most about -- other survivors of domestic violence. She knew what she had experienced for her Self in using creativity in her healing journey. Now armed with a formal healing modality that could be shared with others of any creative skill level, Sumaiyah knew the Path calling her was clear.

In 2020, Sumaiyah opened the DIVA Empowerment Studio as a sacred space for those who are called to come and learn the tools of Intentional Creativity for themselves. Due to the advent of COVID, she has had to bring her offerings largely online. However, Sumaiyah remains in possession of the physical healing space whose doors opened on February 29th, and she intends to re-open the doors to the building again once we are safe from the pandemic. Meanwhile, she continues sharing this healing tool via online offerings such as ARTiculated LIFE JOURNAL, Alchemical Affirmations, and D.O.T.S. of Dopeness.

Why Work With Me

One brush stroke, one page, one day at a time...

A lot of people are intimidated when they hear that they will be creating art when they attend a DIVA Empowerment Studio class, workshop, or event. But -- they don't have to be! The beauty of Intentional Creativity is that the power is in the process, not the end product. We are not painting or art journaling or creating clay sculptures or doing fiber art for the purpose -- with the intention -- of manufacturing art. We are setting our intention to heal whatever is on our heart to be healed. The resultant artwork which manifests is a visual depiction of our journey towards being healed enough. It tells the story of that part of our lives that we have shown up and done the work for, and from which we are healed. We are not gathering to paint the Mona Lisa. We are gathering to create the life we desire using creativity as the vehicle to manifest that life. You do not have to be a skilled artist or have taken art classes in the past. There is absolutely no experience necessary. I will guide you through the Intentional Creativity process and what manifests on your canvas is what was meant to show up.

Guided meditation, self-inquiry and reflection, sharing in sacred circle -- all of these things and more are employed as we create. Being present to what you feel in your mind/heart/body/soul and being open and willing to give the brush over to your Muse allows the creative work to manifest. I will give you a framework and help you to get into a space where you can hear the whisperings of your soul, allow them to take the creative lead, and cause and create a coherent pathway to your healed enough Self.




I am learning to paint from my heart and bloom where I'm at. It was an honor being in circle with you. Your class was an eye opener for me thank you so much!!

Margaret M.

OH YES this is AWESOME - I am in full support.

She's taught me website maintenance, page creations, campaign automation, classroom setup and integrations, video editing, and laptop excercises! ROFL!!!!!!

Extremely Satisfied Student!

Tech got you down? Check out my sister Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates -- the Tech Diva, she'll help you turn that tech frown upside down! She definitely keeps me smiling! With her expertise I've be managing my own website, creating my own pages, creating course content, editing my own video, and getting paid!!! Yes! Your website is a sacred space and extension of you and your body of work! Tap into your inner Tech Goddess with Sumaiyah!!!!

Milagros Suriano-Rivera, Milliemade Creations

Hi Sumaiyah... I wanted to say thank you for mentioning [the online classroom platform] to me. I've decided to forego LearnDash and try [the platform you recommended] instead. I've already added a Freebie on it and am now getting ready to add a paid class! It's a really easy platform to use. Celebrating!

Thank you for your guidance! Yay! Really appreciate it!

Ally M.

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