In Hinduism, it means I bow to the divine in you.
Source: Wikipedia

Welcome to the DIVA Empowerment Studio. Here, everyone is welcome just as they are — who they are without masks. And for showing up just as you are, we greet you with “Namaste” because the Divine is in each and everyone of us.

Reaching for the Divine in You

This is what we are here to do: reach for the Divine that is within us. We take a deep dive within Self in order to find the answers that reside there. For it is within oneself where you will find the answers to your life’s questions and quandries.

We excavate our experiences in order to become more aware of who we are. We find our Path and our Purpose — both of which we were divinely created for. We heal old wounds and forgive ourselves.

And we accomplish this all through image, word, and symbol…


This is about you doing the work to heal yourself. I do not refer to myself as a healer here (or elsewhere). I am a catalyst — I am the substance which increases the rate of healing that you experience when you take time out for yourself and take a deep look within. And this is accomplished through Intentional Creativity®. The work to be done is yours. I merely provide you with the tools to do the work.

I am not an art therapy provider. There is a difference between art as a tool for healing and art therapy. I am not a therapist nor do I offer any licensed and regulated therapy sessions or services. I facilitate the creative process to help you with self-exploration and self-discovery, ending in self-expression on the page.

You are in charge of your own excavation, and therefore your own healing.

I do, however, urge you to seek the assistance of a quallified health professional should you feel that you need assistance other than yourself, your words, and your art to heal. Therapy isn’t a dirty word. If you need it for your own highest good, seek it out and take advantage of the services that therapists provide.

Join Us!

I offer both individual classes and workshop series. I host events that allow you to let your hair down and splash some paint around while enjoying the company of others in a social setting. I am even able to customize classes/workshops/events to meet the needs of your group.* Let us not forget about the DIVA Wisdom Circle — my online art community. This is where we meet, fling paint, throw glitter, and have an artsy good time! Hop on over and sign up — I would love to see you there!!

Come, let’s create together. Let’s make a better world for ourselves through painting a true picture of ourselves. BEing the best you that you can BE makes the world a better place to BE, one person at a time…

*Please Note: Due to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, all in-person workshops have been suspended. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I must ensure the safety and health of myself and my tribe. To share, be witnessed, and interact with others, please join the DIVA Wisdom Circle online art community. Thank you for your understanding.


Why Choose To Work With Me

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Virtual Art Gallery Coming Soon!

Virtual Art Gallery
Virtual Art Gallery

My Offerings

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